Day 1 : Spring equinox 2015

21.3.15: I am growing this site as a new aspect of my public sharing of my 'work'.

I am going to be weaving together threads that are important to me - some that have already been part of my life fabric for many years, some that are more recent, some that are totally new.

Here I'm hoping to reveal, revisit, renew, and surprise myself and you. It is a journey into the unknown as my intention is to follow an intuitive path, walking with trust even if I only see the next step. 

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Day 2 : Autumn equinox 2015

21.9.15: Today the earth neither leans towards the sun, nor away from it. I wanted to write that today everyone everywhere on earth has one experience in common - that their day and night are of equal length. But it turns out that although 'equinox' means 'equal night' this is not true. The exact date when there are equal hours of day and night varies across the latitudes, from early September to mid October. What we do all have in common today is that our dear planet earth, in its long annual whirl around the sun, for a few hours neither leans towards the sun, nor away from it. We have something in common. Everyone. 

Today is also the annual International Day of Peace. I'd like to hope, even to believe, that everyone on earth would like to live in peace. But maybe this also is not accurate. An urban myth. A rural myth. Truer would be to say that everyone wants to have what they want. Preferably in the way they want it. And everyone finds it hard to give in, give way, or adjust to what others want. 

But if everyone trusted that they could get what they want without harming others, I believe they would choose that. If we knew how to resolve conflicts without violence or giving in, that would be popular. If we could neither lean towards others (making their needs more important than ours) nor lean away (making our needs more important than theirs) perhaps we could feel our common humanity and begin to trust each other. 

As Pirkei Avot says:  
If I am not for me, then who is for me?
If I am just for me, then who am I?
And if not now, then when? 

This rare and creative balance would be a true equ-something. Equality. Equanimity. 

Day 3 : Spring equinox 2016

21.3.16  “There is nothing to say. And I say it. And that is poetry.” John Cage.

I’m in love with that quote. It underlines and underlies so much that I recognise in life.

For example: 

There is suffering. There is nothing I can do about it. And I do it. And that is loving action.

There is beauty. I cannot respond adequately to it. And I respond. And that is art.

Day 4 : Autumn equinox 2016


Walking towards the wind, the wind is behind me

Emptying the boat of water, the boat fills up with water

Seeking happiness, I am full of happiness

Seeking direction, I walk in step with life

Fearing chaos, chaos is everywhere

Fearing order, order is everywhere

What have I done, what have I done

All life is singing

Breathe in, breathe out

Breathe in, breathe out

The great mystery is in the air

Day 5 : Spring equinox 2017

The golden seed of intention shoots forth and, if we are lucky or prepared, lands in the fertile soil of the field of all possibilities. Zero degrees of Aries begins the 360 degrees of the zodiac by launching a pure new idea. This idea leads to so many choices, so much love, so much enthusiasm, so much patience, so much calmness, so much action….until the idea becomes a reality. 

I’ve been riding in the awareness of the potency of intention, these last days. What is yours? For this week, this year, the next twenty years? Name it with words, or see it in pictures. See it happening, vivid, real in front of your eyes. Invest it with life. Then let it go. Trust Life to organise around your intention, probably creating a form you did not expect. Watch with curiosity and openness for the movements of Life that make the essence of your intention become manifest. 

Day 6 : Autumn equinox 2017

Peace is not the absence of conflict. There will always be conflict. Conflict is quite natural. 

Peace is the ability to resolve conflict without violence. Violence towards oneself, or violence towards others. 

Violence is the inability to resolve conflict peacefully. Then only one of us can win. And it better be me. I can win by proving I am right and you are wrong, I am strong and you are weak. I can win by getting the outcome I want, and crushing the outcome you want. I can win by humiliating you, so you lose the self respect you need to feel strong enough to hold your ground. If you manage to fight back, I can win by having more access to resources than you (money, guns, food, connections) so I can pummel you into submission. 

The ability to resolve conflict without violence. Ah. Imagine that ability being being widespread. What a world that would be.  

Days 7 & 8 : After the equinoxes of 2018

Well,  welcome. Well come. Welcome the coming winter months of 2018 and early 2019. The world tips once again, skidding around a corner on two wheels. Will it tip over disasterously or just by a miracle rebalance and regain ground for the next stretch? 

Inside myself I also tip and veer. The beacon ahead, or is it inside, by which I try to steer my life,  keeps pulsing. That's good. It’s reassuring. Like the beauty and warmth and generosity of today’s late October sunshine. 

I pray to all who have the wisdom to receive this prayer. I pray for all our beacons to pulse and draw us towards safe harbours and beautiful coastlines where ocean meets land, where being meets doing, where spirit and matter come together, where people forget their enmity and listen to each other with reverence. 

Day 9 : Spring equinox 2019

Sleepwalking towards death. 
How nearly impossible to burst through
the daily-ness of daily life and touch reality.
Each day each one of us one day nearer.
Each day each species one day nearer.
Each day our earth one day hotter. 
Each day. Each hour. 

Day 10 : Autumn equinox 2019
20.9.19 - Day of the 1st global climate strike, inspired and led by youth

That leaf messaged me
as it fell from the grand plane tree
in an eye-catching flow
to Whitehall below
it proclaimed it did know
the People who Cared
lying down on the road
in the cold and the wet
awaiting arrest
were there just for she
for she and all trees
and all creatures and lives
that might not survive
the coming of heat
of wind and of flood
of cold and of drought
by humans
brought about

© Bridget Belgrave 2019